If I Could See What You See

If I Could See What You See is a project to create an open-source surveillance photography workshop. It employs two of the common uses of the term "open-source": first, the project uses open-source information—as opposed to information that has restricted access, such as classified information—as research material; second, the project uses the infrastructure and methods of open-source software development projects—such as this GitHub repository—as a structure to organize the work of the project and to organize its products.

This video, entitled Target Detection, is an example of the artifacts produced within the project. It is part of the Target Detection Observation Exercise available on the project wiki.

This talk, which gives an overview of the project, was presented at Art Center College of Design's Media Design Practices program as part of my 2017 summer residency there.

Process video from my Summer 2017 residency in Art Center College of Design's Media Design Practices program. Project assistants Tiffany Henschel and Jason Wong are shown developing instructional material for building an above-ground rural hidesite modeled after photographs of Israeli Defense Force personnel.