Cards for Justice






A deck of cards showing terrorists, drug traffickers, war criminals, and others who have had a bounty placed on their head by the United States government.
$200.00 USD*
Each deck is unique, custom printed, numbered, and signed.

Inspired by the decks of cards handed out to United States military service members in 2003 that depicted Iraqi regime leaders, this deck is created by a process that checks various United States government websites each day and generates a new deck every time a target is captured or killed and a new target makes it into the top 52 most wanted list. The deck of Iraqi regime leaders was based on a concept of war as an endeavor with a finite set of goals. "Cards for Justice" is based on a more contemporary concept of war as an endeavor with an infinite set of goals, where "no clear end is in sight."

"Cards for Justice" is an ongoing project with no defined end. New decks are produced whenever a target has been captured or killed. Deck owners and non-owners alike can opt in to a mailing list that sends alerts when a target has been captured or killed and a new deck has been generated. Each deck is a document of the time it was generated, but the overall system can only be known——and shown——by acquiring each new deck as it is produced.

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