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"Of Course Facebook Wants to Control Your Feelings" on The Daily Beast

By now, if you have a Facebook account or if you’ve just been on the internet in the past week, you are probably aware that Facebook conducted a study to see if it could construct users’ news feeds in order to affect their emotions. You’ve probably also see the range of responses, from shocked—shocked, to outraged, to apologetic (and more apologetic, and even more apologetic) and everything in between.

But for all of the explaining and hand-wringing, there has been little discussion of why Facebook conducted this research—or where this work is going. No matter how much furor this incident kicks up, it won’t be the last time an experiment like this happens. For Facebook to survive, it has to continue to find more and more ways to do what it has always done: change how we behave, and make money when we do. And Facebook isn’t alone. Google, data aggregators, and a zillion other tech and not-so-tech companies need to do it, too. Non-profits and governments may even need to get on the bandwagon.


Read the full post at The Daily Beast.

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